Artistic director of
Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir
Yevgeny Volkov
Yevgeny Volkov was born in Moscow in 1975. In 1995 he graduated from the theoretical branch of the Academic College of Music at MSC (Moscow State Conservatoire), in 2000 - graduated with honors from Conducting and Choral Faculty of the Moscow State Conservatory, in 2002 — its graduate school (choral conducting of the People's Artist of Russia, Professor Boris Grigoryevich Tevlin: took the opera and symphony conducting class of Professor Igor Arturovich Dronov). He participated in master classes of Professor Erik Erikson (Moscow, 2001), Gert Frischmuth and Gabor Hollerung (Wernigerode (Germany), 2003). He teaches at the Moscow Conservatory from 2000 (before 2010 - at the Department of Choral Conducting, from 2010 - at the Department of Modern Choral Art: from 2009 - as assistant professor.
Chief Choirmaster - Aleksandr Toplov

Choirmaster - Natalia Telkova

Сoncertmaster - Elena Tszyu
Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir
Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir is the world-famous Russian collective occupying a leading position both in domestic and in international choral performance. Date of creation of the State Choir is 1936; it was created on the basis of All-Union Radio Vocal Ensemble by the order of the Committee of Arts under the Council of Commissars of the USSR.

The most important role in shaping the creative image of the collective was played by the two great masters of choral art - the first artistic Heads of the State Choir: Nikolai Mikhailovich Danilin (1937-1940) and Aleksandr Vasilievich Sveshnikov (1936-37; 1941-1980). Even in formation period, State Academic Russian Choir (in 1941-1955 - State Russian Songs Choir) confidently takes the leading position in the national choral performance: its sounding and interpretation become a kind of benchmark of the Russian singing style. Among a significant number of stock records of the collective, gramophone record of "All-Night Vigil" by Rachmaninoff holds a special place, having won a number of prestigious international awards, released in 1966.

From 1980 to 2012, a galaxy of famous choral conductors stood at the head of Sveshnikov Choir: People's artist of Russia Igor Germanovich Agafonnikov (1980-1987), People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Nikolaevich Minin (1987-1990), People's artist of Russia Evgeny Sergeyevich Tytyanko (1991-1995), People's artist of Russia Igor Ivanovich Raevsky (1995-2007). From 2008 to 2012, the collective was headed by an outstanding Russian choir conductor, People's artist of Russia, Professor Boris Grigoryevich Tevlin. From August 2012, a disciple and follower of B.G. Tevlin, winner of national and international competitions, Associate Professor of the Moscow Conservatory, Yevgeny Kirillovich Volkov is the artistic director of State Choir.

In recent years, the team has accumulated a repertoire of considerable scale and artistic value, including both individual essays, and exclusive author's programs; such as: "Russian Choral Concert", "Orthodox World Music", "Composers - Sveshnikov School Pupils" "Russian Songs in Classical and Modern Adaptations", "Russian and Foreign Secular Classics", "Favourite Songs of the Last Century", "Hymns and Celebrations of Russia", "Songs and Marches of the Russian Imperial Army", etc. A large number of premieres of pieces by contemporary composers was performed.