Choir for kids

A series of charity concerts for children in difficult life situations

On 2016 Sveshnikov state academic russian choir started the project "Choir for kids" - a series of charity concerts for children in difficult life situation. To perform in front of children is a big responsibility, therefore the collective is especially careful in choosing a repertoire for young listeners, which includes both compositions for children and classical choral works and arrangements of Russian folk songs.

​In 2016 in conjunction with Charity foundation Podari Zhizn 2 concerts were hold for children undergoing rehabilitation treatment at the Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncologe and Immunology

​In 2017-2018 with support of the online store Choir managed to have 3 concerts the   Orthodox Convent-Brotherhood of Mercy. It's located in the village of Novoalekseevka, Pereslavsky district of the Yaroslavl region. More than 25 years ago children in difficult situations, orphans, and children from dysfunctional families turned up in this unique place. Several institutions have been created for them in this monastery - the Rehabilitation Center, the Orthodox Classical Grammar School, the Labor School, the Cadet Corps, the School of the Arts. Today there are more than 320 children.

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