A Hero of Our Time


Gala concert "A Hero of Our Time" to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Lermontov (Moscow, Bolshoi Theater, 2014)


Klassika Charity Foundation

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Gala concert was the main and final event in the celebration of the poet's anniversary.  "The unique phenomenon of Lermontov's creativity had a significant impact on the subsequent development of Russian and world culture in almost all of its manifestations and genres" says stage director, People's Artist of Russia Yuri Laptev. Therefore, the organizers decided to choose the form of a concert-performance, a concert-action.

​On October 15, the orchestral, vocal-symphonic, сhamber-vocal music, folklore, opera and choir sounded on the Historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater. There were a total of 23 pieces of music.

​The basis of the scenographic solution is an artistic synthesis of elements of classical choreography, cinema, as well as modern audio-visual effects.  4

Among other compositions, world premieres were performed: vocal version of Aram Khachaturian’s waltz “Meeting with Lermontov”, Nina’s romance from the opera “Masquerade” by Alexander Mosolov, scores of this work found in the archives.

​Performers: Bolshoi Theater Symphony Orchestra conducted by Alexander Titov, A.V. Sveshnikov, State Academic Russian Folk Choir named after ME Pyatnitsky and others.

​Soloists: Zlata Bulycheva, Ekaterina Mechetina, Alexandra Naumenko and others.

​Hosts: People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Burov, Egor Beroev, Christina Asmus.

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