900 days in the name of life


Klassika Charity Foundation

A series of concert performances: “Leningraders. 900 days in the name of life" to the 70th anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad (Moscow, St. Petersburg, 2014)

January 31, 2014 – The Russian premiere of the charity concert-performance “Leningraders. 900 days in the name of life" in the House of Union in Moscow.

September 7, 2014 – in D.D. Shostakovich St.Petersburg Academic PhilharmoniaThe project was organized by the Klassika Charity Foundation.
The concert included works written by Leningrad composers in the besieged city.

“This performance is interesting not only by new musical discoveries, but also by artistic impressions — immersion in the visible and audible world of one of the greatest tragic epics of the twentieth century,” says Yury Laptev, artistic director of the project, “According to the format, I would define this concert as“ mystery ”, because the sound, visual and dramatic parts merge into one action. The program includes poems, radio recordings of the blockade period, and video installations, newsreels, archival photographs are shown”. 

Within this project Klassika Charity Foundation published the book “Children of besieged Leningrad” - 126 stories, psychological portraits of besieged children. The authors of the book tried to understand the peculiarities of the blockade character, which allowed them to survive and preserve human dignity”, said Nikolai Bukhantsov, Head of the Representative Office of the Government of St. Petersburg in Moscow.

“Our work is the restoration of historical justice, a tribute to the memory of Leningrad composers. Their music is a window into the terrible world of war. In their works, they tried to show grief, courage, and the depth of suffering of the residents of the besieged city” - says music director Yevgeny Volkov - “ Most of the works are about war, but there are also deeply personal ones written for themselves with the hope of higher powers. The program includes world premieres of the romance of the composer and musicologist Boris Asafiev “Maybe I'll Die”, the piano cycle “Songs of sorrow and tears”, as well as the choral miniature “Holy God”.

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