Music as Fate

Gala concert “Music as Fate” to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Georgy Sviridov (Moscow, 2015)

Rachmaninov Concert Hall, November 08, 2015


The concert “Music as Fate” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian composer of the 20th century Georgy Sviridov.

In this concert, for the first time in history, within the framework of one solo concert, there were two famous collectives - the Orchestra of St. Petersburg State Academic Capella and Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir (Moscow).

Their history is closely intertwined with the creative way of Sviridov, who in different periods of his biography created for them genuine masterpieces.

Artistic directors of the orchestra and choir - People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Chernushenko and Yevgeny Volkov, also chief choirmaster Alexander Toplov stood up for the conductor’s console

The scenario of the concert was developed by the stage director of the evening, People’s Artist of Russia Yury Laptev and music director of the project Yevgeny Volkov.

The concert program included masterpieces of Sviridov of various genres and styles: fragments of "Poem to the Memory of Sergei Yesenin", "Spring Cantata" and cantata "Wooden Russia", part of Music to the dramatical piece of Alexey Tolstoy "Czar Fyodor Ioannovich", musical illustrations for the story of Alexander Pushkin "The Blizzard", and also choral miniatures.

There were also works by the great composer Mikhail Glinka, Modest Musorgsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Dmitry Shostakovich; as well as the writings of his friends: Boris Tchaikovsky, Valery Gavrilin, Roman Ledenev.

In this evening, for the first time in public, was presented unique audio recording  “Ne rydai Mene, Mati”  (singing and playing by the author). This file was especially provided for the concert by Alexander Belonenko, composer’s nephew, President of the National Sviridov Foundation and Director of the Sviridov Institute.

Also the Sveshnikov State Academiс Russian Choir  has prepared a special gift.  Wellknown masterpiece of Sviridov “Time, Forward!” sounded in an unexpected, modern choral version, created especially for the collective by the winner of the All-Russian Competition of Composers Pavel Pikhterev. The world premiere of this  version of a cappella was performed at the concert “Music as Fate”.

​Conductors of the concert - People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Chernushenko, Evgeny Volkov, Alexander Toplov.

Host - People's Artist of Russia Nikolay Burov.

Stage director - People's Artist of Russia Yuri Laptev.

The authors of the program - Yevgeny Volkov, Yuri Laptev, Alexander Sargidzhyan

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