The Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir (the State Russian Choir) – the world-famous Russian team, which takes a leading position both in domestic and in the international choral performance. Choir has been created in 1936 by the order of the Arts Committee of the Council of Commissars of the USSR.

Significant influence on cultural path of Choir had its first leaders: the legendary Nikolai Danilin and Alexander Sveshnikov.

Their talent made the team a true leader of domestic choral works, which liked by the audience all over the world.

A special place among the many brilliant records of State Russian Choir takes "Vespers" by Sergei Rachmaninoff running Alexander Sveshnikov – a masterpiece, created in 1965 and honored with many prestigious awards.

The current repertoire of the State Russian Choir is interesting and varied. It includes both separate works and exclusive author’s programs; among them: "Russian choral concert", "Orthodox music of the world", "Composers – pupils of sveshnikov’s school", "Russian songs in classical and modern adaptation", "Russian and foreign secular classic", "Favorite songs of the last century", "Hymns and celebrations of Russia", "The songs and marches of the Russian Imperial army" and others. Choir premiered a lot of contemporary composers works.

The State Russian Choir is an active participant in many prestigious international festivals and concert-stage projects.

Significant role in the art activity of collective play performances in the unique concert and theater projects, including: concert-performance for the 70th anniversary of complete liberation of Leningrad city from the Nazi blockade "Citizens of Leningrad. 900 days in the name of life", concerts and performances "Hero of our time" for the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov and "Music as the fate" for the 100th anniversary of Georgy Sviridov and so on.

In recent years, continuing the touring tradition, State Russian Choir successfully performed in the major concert venues of Britain, France, Japan, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia.

From 2008 to 2012 State Russian Choir was led by outstanding Russian choral conductor, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor Boris Tevlin, who revive the grandeur and glory of Russian art of singing. 

Currently, the artistic director is Evgeny Volkov – Boris Tevlin's student.

In 2010 State Russian Choir recorded on the CD 12 Choruses a cappella by Sergei Taneyev and in 2013 – Anthem of the Russian Federation in the orchestral version by Jan Frenkel (Academic Symphony Orchestra of Moscow State Philharmonic Society, conductor – Yuri Simonov).

Special event in history of the collective was participation in the international project «Day of Russia in the world – Russian Day»: at this holiday State Russian Choir with triumphant success has given a concerts: in the Parisian Salle Gaveau – in 2015, in London’s Barbican Hall – in 2016 and in Congress Hall in Jerusalem (2017). The London's concert was also dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the founding of State Russian Choir. In Moscow jubilee events were successfully held at the Bolshoi Theater on November 28 and in The House of the Unions on November 29, 2016.


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