Yusif Eivazov & Anna Netrebko

 Opera singers

  The Bolshoi Theater, 26.11.2018

"The Sveshnikov State Choir is SUPER"

Dolora Zajick

American mezzo-soprano

  The Bolshoi Theater, 26.11.2018

"It was wonderful to sing wiyh rus fine-choir. All the best wishes"

Michelangelo Mazza

Violinist, conductor 

  The Bolshoi Theater, 26.11.2018

"Thank's a lot for your music!!! W Verdi!!! See you soon!"

Newspaper «Russia Beyond» 

2016, UK

London’s Barbican to mark Russia Day with unique choral program

One of Russia’s oldest choral ensemble will give a special concert in the UK capital on June 12 in honor of Russia Day. The Sveshnikov State Choir of Russia will perform a range of choral pieces, from traditional folk songs to works by Prokofiev and Shostakovich.

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Gennady Rozhdestvensky

 Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR, 02.09.2012

"The Beautiful Sveshnikov State Choir behalf of a grateful Gennady Rozhdestvensky" ("Three russian songs" of Sergey Rakhmaninoff) 2012 

"Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom" performance by Russian State Academic Choir conducted by Yevgeny Volkov can be called outstanding. A deep understanding of music in conjunction with a subtle stylistic flair and flawless technique gave me real pleasure. Gennady Rozhdestvensky"

Newspaper "La Russie Francophone"

2015, France

Celebration of Russian Day in Paris

On Friday, June 12, 2015, Russian Day will be celebrated in the Gaveau Hall in Paris with the State Choir of Russia.

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Newspaper "Tägliche Rundschau" 

1945, Germany

«Every farsighted German must see that the Russians sending us their music, their songs, to talk to the German people at the Humane dialect»

Zurab Tsereteli

Georgian-Russian painter, sculptor and architect, People's Artist of the USSR, 07.12.2012


"The best wishes to the Choir - with new Artistic director" (about Evgeny Volkov)

Newspaper Népszabadság» 

1970, Hungary

"Even a tenfold repetition could not calm the enthusiasm of visitors at this evening in Chapel at the Music Academy. The most impressionable moment was the treatment of Russian folk songs"

Tamara Gverdtsiteli
Georgian-Russian singer, People's Artist of Russia

"My dear friends with the best musical wishes! Thank you for the great music! Hope, we'll meet on the stage again! Always Your Tamara"

Newspaper «Rudé právo»


"The treasure of choral singing. The difference of genres and their modern interpretation shows that the choir represents in this sense the highest stage of progress. At the same time his skill  helps to enrich and develop the modern elements of choral singing in the world"

Vladimir Jurowski
Russian conductor,

"To Sveshnikov State Choir with gratitude and appreciation by Vladimir Jurowski"

Newspaper «Freies Wort»
 25.09.1970, Germany

"Today the whole world admired the Sveshnikov choir, beautiful sonorous soprano and alto, "courageous" tenors and “deep” Russian bass. Again, I mentally see before me nearly a hundred soloists in their evening parade, standing on the stage, conquering the audience, united by a single impulse. After each number the applause and cheers were forced the choir to perform an encore"

Svyatoslav Belza

 Soviet Russian literary and musical scholar, critic and essayist, 27.03.2011

“Let the music never leaves us”

Evgeny Mironov
Russian artist,
People’s Artist of Russia

"What a joy to be with you. Your Evgeny Mironov"

Newspaper «Praca» 


"…Sveshnikov founded and guided by Moscow exemplary school of choral singing for boys, where children are brought up from an early age as professional singers and conductors of the choirs. In this school, there is a large children’s choir, whose repertoire are the most difficult works of Russian and Western composers"

Iosif Kobzon

Russian singer, People's Artist of the USSR 2011, 2012 

"Renowned ensemble with the wishes of happiness and success"

"Growing up in the school choir always admired choral art. I am proud that in our country we have such ensemble. Thank you for joint performances! Happiness and good luck! Your fan - People's Artist of the USSR - Iosif Kobzon"

Newspaper «Vårt Land» 

1947, Norway

 "There are no words to express how perfect is the human voice. Impressions crystallize directly in one of the most powerful symbols of human achievement: in a word - BRILLIANT. Further attempts to describe the experienced delight and admiration - is useless"

Newspaper "Sovetskaya Kultura" 

1990, USSR

"The State Academic Russian Choir is still ranked the best place, continuing and developing the great traditions of Russian classical choral singing.."

Newspaper "Berliner Zeitung" 

1974, Germany

"Who is looking for an exciting musical mirror of the Russian vocal soul, he finds it in the State Academic Russian Choir"

USA, New York

Concert tour, 1994

Newspaper "Metropole"

1958, Belgium

"We are amazed chorus artistry, its discipline, admire the purity, precision and grace of female voices, male voices warm, especially bass"

Newspaper "Corriere della Sera"

 1965, Italy

"Clean, a uniform sound, perfect intonation, the highest level of performance - that is characteristic of this beautiful polyphonic ensemble"

"The Academic Choir's performanse once again confirmed the glory that surrounds to him. Performance took place at an exceptionally high level. The merger of voices was perfect. This choir is strong, flexible, sometimes sad, sometimes solemn, capable to excite. The Choir led by specialist definitely with special talent"

Marius Stravinsky

British conductor

"Thank you for such a wonderful performance! Until the next time, Marius Stravinsky"

Yuri Simonov

Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR, 04.10.2012

"Dear friends! Thank you for co-creation and ... Till we meet again!! Y.Simonov"

Giya Kancheli

Georgian composer, People's Artist of the USSR, 10.11.2012

"Thank you!!! I bow to each participant magnificent Sveshnikov's Choir. Good luck and health. Your Giya Kancheli"

USA, New York

Concert tour, 1994

Vladimir Fedoseyev

 Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR, 27.11.2012

"Thank you very much for everything, for your heart! With love. Your V.Fedoseyev "

"My dear! Thank you for your love to music! With gratitude, your V.Fedoseyev "

Newspaper "Mainichi Shimbun"

1967, Japan

"The most remarkable feature of the choir - in its diversity and beauty of the voices. He reached the top, not only in the transmission of the national colors, but also in the level of true musical art"

Newspaper "Les Cahiers du disque"

1974, Франция

"Execution of "Vespers" by Rachmaninov, amazing in its beauty, is not inferior to a masterpiece, all the shine that sends a choir full of goodness"

 Yuri Temirkanov

Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR, 09.12.1983

«To my dear friends!!! With best wishes of success. Your Yuri Temirkanov»

 "Kurjer Warszawski"

1976, Poland

"Performance of the Academic Russian Choir was for audience a strong artistic experience. Evidence of huge admiration were shouts of "bravo" and real "occupation" of the hall for encore"

Newspaper "Le Moniteur",  

1958, Belgium

"This collective had a great and deserved success. This success can attributed not only to the quality of the voices that are equally wonderful and the strength and purity, but mainly related to its management and absolute mastery A.Sveshnikov.The big surprise and a delight for the audience was unusually delicate performance of one of our songs "Mi Katun" that the choir turned into a charming miniature, sung, by the way, on flemish. Equally fascinating was performed "Do not interrupt me cry", a work that none Walloon choir,  not even Liege choir on our memory, could not ever cause such striking and moving effects. Ah, the mysterious and fascinating Russia! Which with such skill, with charm, with a sense of artistry can dazzle and captivate us, and on the other hand cause us so much concern perplexities and anxieties"

Newspaper "Le Soir"

1958, Belgium

“Everything is a miracle of performance. Fluency of speech in humorous and comic songs, evenness of singing with a closed mouth are unthinkable things .... The success of the choir was enormous. It was impossible to count the number of works performed for an encore, there were so many of them”

Vassily Sinaisky

Russian conductor, 19.11.2013

"Meeting with your Choir once again confirmed that Moscow and Russia has always been rich in talent. Bright Future - here's my verdict. Love, V. Sinaisky"

Fukui Akioka

Painter, (Deputy Chairman of the department of the Company "Japan-USSR" in Toyama, Japan), 70th

"Today I had the fortune to meet with you a second time. Wish you health"

Vladislav Chernushenko

Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR


"To State Academic Choir of Russia (USSR), to the great ensemble - pride of our Motherland from State Capella of Petersburg our love and wishes for the greatest success in the holy niche of art of russian singing"

 "Il Nuovo Cittadino"

06.10.1965, Italy

«Unity, softness, the skillful use of sound, subtle interpretation, the power - the whole range of the funds needed for the choral performance, amazingly concentrate in this ensemble, that has reached perfection»

Maxim Vengerov

Russian and Israeli violinist, violist, conductor, 2010

"With much gratitude and admiration! Your fan, Maxim Vengerov"

Yuri Poteenko

 Russian composer, choir conductor, 2010


"Great collective great Russian tradition today in all its splendor! I bow to the skill and talent of Boris Tevlin (Artistic director of Sveshnikov State Choir in 2008-2012)! Good luck, success and great achievements"

Newspaper "Tokio Shimbun"

21.09.1962,, Japan

"Songs from Program of the Choir deeply connected with the life of people. The choir sings not only a song, but touches the soul.  The sound of it subsides, then growing with enormous power. The voices of soloists sound sculptural, expressive. Particularly attracted the softness and penetration of performance"

Saint-Denis, France


"On behalf of the chief cleric of Saint-Denis, we thank the Choir for the concert, which is as beautiful as the cathedral, which was created for beauty"

"On behalf of the municipality of Saint-Denis, cultural center, the theater J. Philip, on behalf of a large audience, who came to the concert tonight, big, big thank you for such an example, such a concert that you have shown will allow everyone to understand what a great a nation that has decided to take over her conquest. Thank you all. With friendly greetings, Gonzales"

Alexander Zhurbin

Russian composer, 03.11.2010

"To the brilliant ensemble, the Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir, with great appreciation for teamwork! I hope it will be continued! Composer Alexander Zhurbin"

Newspaper "L' Unita" 

1965, Italy

"It seems that for the Russian chorus there are no performing difficulties ... In all, the choir reveals a true understanding of the style and finds precisely those means of expression that are the most accurate and true in terms of taste and timing"

 Newspaper “Boras Tidning”

1947, Sweden

“...The conductor (Alexander Sveshnikov) is a magician, and his chorus is amazing, the voices are fresh, the sound is as smooth as in an orchestra. Naturally, everyone was delighted with the typical Russian bass profundo, but the rest of the voices were even and harmonious”

Rodion Schedrin

Russian composer, People's Artist of the USSR, 1974, 2010

"Thanks to my dear teacher and wonderful collective from one of the grateful authors"

"Thank you very much for "Boyarynya". It was great, bravo"

Galina Vishnevskaya

Russian soprano opera singer, Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR, 2011

"Wish you good luck forever"

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